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Parenting the teen with ADHD. Teens with ADHD are facing the same issues that prove challenging for their peers: development of identity, establishment of independent functioning, understanding emerging sexuality, making choices regarding drugs and alcohol and setting goals for their futures.

Feb 12, 2018 · Get 13 tips for parenting a teen who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Get tips for helping an ADHD adolescent with school, homework, driving, and medication adherence. Read special advice regarding alcohol and drugs.

Best Practices for Parents of Teens with ADD or ADHD. Lightning struck. I began to consider all of my students with ADD or ADHD diagnoses. I felt confident that I was following the accommodations prescribed by their counselors and or 504 or IEP plans, but I was also certain that I wasn’t doing enough.

Teens with ADHD face a unique set of challenges as puberty aggravates their symptoms and challenging high school classes tax their executive functions. Here's how parents can help.

Overall, teens with ADHD tend to display fewer of the hyperactivity symptoms we associate with ADHD in children. That’s the good news. But once kids get to high school, the expectations for them, both academically and socially, are greatly increased, and that can be tough on teenagers with ADHD.Author: Sal Pietro.