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Allstate agents get to know you, your new driver and your situation to help your family during this milestone in a teen's life. Even if you're not quite ready to add your teen to your policy, starting a discussion with your agent early can help you get ahead.

Save on your teen's insurance with auto policy discounts. Whether they're just starting out or a little more seasoned, teen drivers can earn discounts: If your teen gets teenSMART certified; If your student driver younger than 25 meets Allstate grade requirements; If your student driver under 21 keeps their car at school 100+ miles from home.

See how Allstate safe driving and Allstate teen safe driving programs help keep teen drivers, motorcycle riders and the whole community safe on the road.

ALABAMA ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION. Do you know if AllState Driving School offers training for driving in rural areas like where I live instead of just driving on smooth, paved roads in urban areas? State law in California mandates that all teen-agers take an approved driver training course before receiving a California driver's license.

Allstate Driving School is San Diego based and is CA state licensed. We are a bonded driving school offering online, classroom and behind the wheel driver training for teenagers, adults and senior citizens.