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Of the released sex offenders, 3.5 percent were reconvicted for a sex crime within the 3-year follow-up period, 24 percent were reconvicted for any new offense and 38.6 percent were returned to prison, either because they received another prison sentence or because of a parole violation.

Jun 14, 2017 · The Council goes on to offer a hypothetical: If 100 percent of a sample of released sex offenders commit another sex crime but the rate of reporting is only 12 percent and only half of those reported are convicted, the recidivism rate would be listed as only 6 percent.Author: Pacific Standard Staff.

At one conferance, when asked how many sex offenders are actually registered, the treatment providers stated they estimated only about 5%. They also cited a recivitation rate of around 45%. The.

Jan 23, 2017 · On the surface, official statistics from the Ministry of Justice suggest the reoffending rate for sex offenders is low at 26.8%, compared with non-serious violent crime at 33.5% and robbery at Author: Lydia Smith.

Using both types of measures, researchers found that 43 percent of these offenders (convicted of sex offenses involving victims under the age of 16 years) sexually reoffended within a .