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MG Midget and Sprite Technical Gearbox help / identification BBS discussion. MG-Cars.info. A 1098 gearbox would have a first gear ratio of about 3.76:1 (maybe not the exact ratio) and a 1275 would be 3.2:1 (again I may not have remembered the exact ratio but they are sufficiently different to distinguish one from another).

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MG MGB Technical - Diff Ratios Hi there, I am wondering if anyone knows of a way of changeing my diff in an early mgb roadster. It runs the standard 3.9 ratio and I would like something like 3.7.

May 03, 2012 · Shorter tires require a higher gearing to travel the same distance as a taller tire, so as tire sizes got smaller and engines produced more power, the gear ratios tended to get higher. That is why for instance an MGB with 14″ wheels was fitted with a 3.90 gear ratio and the earlier MGA with 15″ wheels had a lower gear ratio.

The 61/62 Sprites and Midgets had to be homologated, so gearbox ratios needed to be declared: the 'Sprite Sebring Mk II' had 3 alternatives, the frogeye box (oddly), the std Mk II and a close-ratio box with 2.93, 1.754 and 1.242 gearing; the Midget had only the frogbox and the std Midget ratios.