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For sale is a Set of 4 Lladro Angel Figurines in a mint condition. These retired 7" tall pieces were designed by Francisco Catala. The set includes: Heavenly Harpist #5831 Angelic Melody #5963 Singer Angel Pink #5831 Angel with Cymbals #5876 We also have .

The only sign of wear is a glue mark on the back, which can probably be cleaned, and it is missing the chain on the back to hang it. On the bottom it states, “Lladro Hand Made in Spain Daisa 1996.”.

How to Glue a Resin Figurine Back Together. If you knocked over a resin figurine and broke it into pieces, there's no need to panic. You can glue a resin figurine back together easily with the right tips and tricks.

Wipe any glue in excess on the ceramic figurine away with a paper towel or a cotton swab damped with nail polish remover. Tip. Super glue is the most effective tool to repair your ceramic figurine, but while it dries clear, you will still see a hairline at the location of the break.

How to Remove Old Adhesive From Ceramic or Pottery? If it is Super Glue, it can be dissolved with Acetone (or nail polish remover). Before applying the Acetone make sure you do a small test on your ceramic object to verify that it will not ruin your item.