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First we need to understand 1. What are our "Personal ambitions", and 2. Concept of worldly pleasures. Who are we? Are we this body, or the consciousness pertaining.

Renouncing suffering is the field of all happiness which includes the ultimate happiness of enlightenment and even happiness in this life. “Renouncing this life” or “renouncing suffering”, these terms both mean renouncing the mind that is the cause of the problems, the thought of the eight worldly dharmas.

A2A I love the tone of this question! If I'm reading it right there is a distain or gentle disgust with all this spiritual junk. Love it! Spirituality is a bunch of Ops better not go there. If we where intended give up worldly pleasures.

Renouncing worldly pleasures give away individual I pray Thee melt my soul within me,. Towards the end of the Chapter, material for oblation and rewards from .

The Necessity for Renunciation This is one of the great sacred Secrets, and it will always be a secret, no matter how many people give it away, because no one will ever believe it who has not tried it. in the meantime you have really renounced and abandoned every other desire and attachment-whether for worldly pleasures or spiritual.