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In addition to helping breast lift Denver patients realize their dreams of perky, youthful bustlines, Dr. Slenkovich offers several other breast enhancement procedures. If you are considering a breast lift or other breast enhancement procedure, contact our office just south of Denver, Colorado today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Slenkovich.4.8/5(689).

Breast Lift in Denver CO area. Breasts that sag with age or weight loss can make you appear older or less fit. Fortunately, a breast lift with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat in Denver can help bring back vibrancy and youth to your upper body.4.8/5(65).

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Breast lift surgery, also called a mastopexy, lifts sagging breasts and removes stretched skin.You may be a candidate for breast lift surgery if your breasts have lost their natural firmness after pregnancy, nursing, substantial weight loss, or aging.

A Breast Lift does not largely alter the actual volume of the breast, but rather lifts them to create a more youthful shape and positioning. A Breast Lift can be performed on women of all ages, so long as the breast are fully developed. Breast Lift Candidates. Ideal candidates for a Mastopexy procedure are women who experience excess sagging 5/5(26).

Breast Lift Denver. Gravity, the scientific principle that keeps us grounded, often results in unwanted effects on other parts of our bodies. Weight loss, pregnancy, intense aerobic activity, and genetics can make once perky breasts sag and lose their shape, leaving you feeling self-conscious with a 4.8/5(169).