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While having a condom break or slip off during intercourse is often the result of design and manufacturing flaws, the user's experience with the method and other characteristics also play a part, according to a large prospective follow-up study.1 Women who are young, black, single or childless and those who engage in risky sex are more likely than others to have condoms break.

Oct 09, 2014 · The odds of a condom breaking are really small if you’re using them correctly, but it can definitely happen. Here are a few things you can do that make condoms even less likely to break. Check out this video to find out how to put on a condom the right way.Author: Emily Pisacreta.

What Are the Chances of Getting Pregnant If the Condom Breaks? 1. Why Do Condoms Break? There are several reasons which may lead to breaking of a condom, and they include: Very old. Modern condom packs have a date after which the condom may be regarded as expired. Not enough lubrication. Additional lubrication will always be required for rectal.

Nov 29, 2008 · Best Answer: It's quite low - and if it does you can see that it has and go and get the morning after pill. Using old condoms or condoms stored incorrectly or putting the condom on wrong can increase the chance - so make sure they are new, don't keep them in a hot place or place with friction (not a pocket or car, bedside drawer is best) - also practice putting them on by yourself, following Followers: 1.

Mar 26, 2019 · Accidents happen. But few can cause the kind of anxiety many people have when a condom tears during sex. If ever in this situation, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of infection should either of you be HIV-positive (or one or both of you do not know your status).