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Back Home on the Farm MF adult inc.txt: 29.8 KiB: 1997-Mar-19 21:58: Baron Darkside - Another Lazy, Wasted Saturday Afternoon - mfF inc.txt: 54.0 KiB: 1997-Jul-27 18:29: Baron Darkside - Mother's Little Secret - mF inc nc.txt: 20.9 KiB: 1997-Jul-27 18:27: Baron Darkside - Mother's Milk 1-2 - mF inc lact.txt: 85.9 KiB: 1997-Jun-28 13:34.

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Found about 20 lost stories that were removed from Old Joes Archive. Submitted by Dayna on fiction archive; I found this somewhere (I think someone gave it to me) Web.Archive.Org. It has a larger selection of stories than the current Old Joes Collection. as in the case of Mindy's old "maniapages.com" which was apparently picked up one.

"Well, welcome to our building. If you ever need anything fixed, just give old Joe a call." "Thanks, Joe, I will. You take care." "You too. See you later." I head for the elevators and Joe heads to the back room. He's a sweet old man and I look forward to getting to know him. Over months of living in the city, I find myself running into Joe.