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37 rows · Nov 11, 2018 · The problem is that depending on how much the bones have fused together it may be difficult to actually distinguish three sternum bones. Since they are not always distinguishable in a large number of cases its best to count the sternum as just one bone. Therefore, you arrive at 206 bones and not 208.

How many bones in the human body? This is a common question when first learning about human biology. This pages lists human bones and shows their positions on a diagram. The tables indicate the number of each named bone in the human skeleton, including .

The adult human body has 206 bones while an infant has about 300 bones, many of which then fuse together. The number of bones in the human body varies according to the counting method used.

During your lifetime, your bones grow and change with you, allowing you to change from a child to an adult. As an adult, you end up with fewer bones than you had as a child. The Number of Bones in a Child's Body |

Well, when you are born, you have 300-350 bones. But, when you grow into an adult you end up with only about 206 bones in your body because many of them fuse together.