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Disney may have taken them away from the adult world, but there are plenty of modern authors who have taken them back. So, here is a list of some of the best fairy tales for adults. Some are direct adaptations; some simply take fairy-tale elements for their own. (Disclaimer: this Author: Lauren Sarner.

The stories that we heard as small children, were usually folktales and fairy stories. Tales that our parents and their parents heard when they were young, passed down through the generations. Folktales were stories of hopes and dreams, of encounters with giants; wicked witches and goblins that inflict harm.

Folktales from ESL classes -- I found myself teaching storytelling to a bunch of people who didn't speak English very well. They started telling me their folk tales. The Art Contest. The Boy from the North. Emilya and the Pike. Longest Story in the Universe-- Two version of .

List of Folk Tales A collection of famous folk tales and international folk tales with morals for kids and adults. These are folk tales from around the world, previously found only in folk tales books. Check out the list of folk tales, feel free to share them, directly as links, or by saving them as pdf files.

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