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How to Treat a Baby's Dry Scalp. A dry scalp on a baby is usually not a cause for concern. Flaky skin that looks like dandruff or areas where the skin is rough and scaly is commonly known as cradle cap. It may occur in patches on the scalp, and it can cover the entire head or show up in other areas as well. It is.

Oct 11, 2009 · Best Answer: Nobody should use this product. It's mineral oil and not healthy for your skin in fact it can dry you out more then help! Use a shampoo for dry scalp and massage a conditioner in to your head. Use a comb to help. Never use baby oil!Status: Open.

Dry Hair. As a moisturizer, baby oil is very good for helping with dry and brittle hair. However, the oil should be used sparingly, as too much of it makes the hair greasy and heavy. Generally, baby oil is not the best product to use, as others are available for use specifically on dry hair that don't have the same greasy aftereffects.

Scalp Problems. In this Article In this Article try rubbing your baby's scalp softly with baby or mineral oil to loosen the scales. Be sure to keep the affected area clean, cool, and dry.Author: Stephanie Watson.

Sep 01, 2008 · Best Answer: No. Is your scalp dry or your hair? Use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then use a light pommade in your hair, like VO5. You can also put this on your scalp if it's dry. Baby oil will make your hair greasy.Followers: 1.