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Sep 02, 2017 · Light weight, compact, cost-effective stripper, simple to operate. Adjustable stripping blade for different insulation thickness, prevents damage of shielding and conductors. The cassette can be reversed to change different coaxial cable. Easily to adjust with thumb screw.4.2/5(10).

A heavy-duty cable stripper/cutter combination gives you multiple cutting blades in one tool when you’re working with coax, round network cables and flat cables. A 10-22 AWG wire crimper features six crimp stations for cutting, crimping and stripping wire.

Mar 04, 2018 · The Platinum 15010 Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper is sold one item per package and is covered by a limited manufacturer warranty. Platinum Tools, founded in 1997, was created based upon two very simple objectives.4.4/5(42).

The 15015 cable jacket stripper is the perfect design to strip the cable jackets from category 5, 5e and category 6 twisted pair cables. This well-made jacket stripper gives a reliable, consistent performance with no adjustments required and will not nick the inner conductors.5/5(2).

This economical tool strips the cable jacket from Cat5/5e/6 twisted pair cables with professional results. Features a long life blade specifically designed to self-adjust to prevent nicks to the inner conductors. Durable, high impact plastic housing is molded in yellow to make it easy to locate. Removes the cable jacket on Cat5/5e/6 cables.