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Blog for Splendid Ostrich Games, maker of Newlife the gender-bender erotic lifesim game. Download & play the full game for free.

Jan 12, 2013 · It seems like more and more people are making their own game. Here are a list of stuff I found on around the net. Feel free to post stuff you found as well. Anonymous Man Games - Cursed - A RAGS game (all text) about a man turn into woman and must adjusted to .

Strumpets is an adult game created by Meismike & Sismicious where you have to train girls and make that sweet sweet money. Blog Archive 2019 (5) July (1) Version 2.82 NPC No More! May (1) March (1) February (1) January (1).

Pornarium: An Adult Adventure Game by Tacoking Hot blog! I bet you will like also adult games. Check pinkante blog for best quality games! Pinkante Games. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Subscribe to the Pornarium Blog! Posts All Comments Follow us by Email! Total Visitors.

Genre: Life simulation game, Adult, Sex Game Mode: Single player Password: allgamescenter.blogspot.com Download 7 Sins 7 Sins is a life simulation PC game where the player must get to the top of the social ladder and make decisions related to the seven deadly sins. The game is set in the fictional Apple City.