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Feb 22, 2011 · Best Answer: Adult swim plays on channel 54 here but it depends what kind of cable you have but basically its on cartoon network oh and if you have cox you can watch all the adult swim shows on demand.:] hope it helped some. Source(s): tv:]Followers: 3.

Login for adult swim app The developers told me that it was DIRECTV now's choice not to be added as an acceptable cable provider for logging into their premium content service. Is this the case?

Apr 14, 2017 · Charter use to be real bad about this. I was able to log into more apps with Sling TV and PlayStation Vue than I was with Charter (Comedy Central, for one, when PSVue still had that channel). Something to note: [adult swim] supports PlayStation Vue as a valid cable provider login, but not DirecTV .

Aug 30, 2018 · You'll find Adult Swim (which is part of Cartoon Network) in DirecTV Now's $40-per-month “Live a Little” package. DirecTV Now also offers larger packages, and Adult Swim .