How to Handle the Stress of Adult Sibling Rivalry - adult sibling jealousy


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Although the average person typically thinks of sibling rivalry as school-age children arguing over toys, sharing a bedroom, and who gets more of mom's and dad’s attention, the feuds and jealousy often spill into individuals’ adult lives.

Whether you're the jealous one, always feeling like your sibling has a better job/house/car/kids than you, or you're the sibling that others in your family are jealous of, envy can be stressful and draining. Jealousy can easily tarnish a relationship with your sibling, so it's .

What happens when sibling rivalry turns into adult envy? By Judith Woods for MailOnline. Updated: 15:01 EDT, ‘There’s always going to be a little bit of jealousy between siblings, which is Author: Judith Woods For Mailonline.

Aug 28, 2019 · Sibling rivalry isn't always outgrown in childhood, however; in some cases, it only intensifies as time passes. While people often think of sibling rivalry as a childhood phenomenon, adult sibling rivalry is a common phenomenon in which adult siblings struggle to get along, argue, or are even estranged from one another.