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We examine evidence and do hands-on collection activities using real crime scene investigation supplies.Most programs include a mock crime scene where participants collect evidence, analyze it, and solve a crime. The more advanced programs also include a section on questioning witnesses and suspects, and processing of a vehicle for evidence.

Homeschool Basic Program: The basic program is a 5-6 hour program that takes place on one day. The first 2/3 of the program covers an introduction to evidence and collection techniques. We look at a range of evidence types and use real crime scene investigation materials to collect evidence.

20 Adult Camps for the Young At Heart. BY Sonia Weiser the opportunity to act in two or three scenes of a crime procedural, have a photoshoot, be interviewed by "the press," have the chance to.

Crime Scene Investigation At Summer Discovery, we want to provide you with unique experience in and outside of the classroom. With our Crime Science Investigation program (CSI), student will learn the foundations behind forensic science and investigation.

June 17-21, 2019 Enjoy a week at Forensic Science Camp learning more about forensic science, the application of modern scientific analysis techniques to solving crime. Forensic science is a growing area of interest and employment nationwide. This camp will help you decide if Cedarville.