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Immerse yourself in a world of bishoujo and moe beyond your wildest dreams with this excellent magazine. IN THIS ISSUE: If you follow these awesome anime magazines, you know that the all issues are special. This issue is loaded with great information on all the top artists in Japan, both anime and hentai, with tons of super sexy art to enjoy.

This is a list of manga magazines by country of publication (in Japan, or in other countries). The listings are sortable using the column headers (click the arrows next to each column title to sort by that column). All dates provided are by year as each magazine differs by how it is released.

This is the first adult anime to ever be presented on Blu-ray! With original designs from Sei Shoujo, the "Discipline" anime is presented here uncut and with a new mosaic in this special edition! As a bonus feature, a compilation of CG from the "Discipline - The Record of a Crusade" game is included as well.

It's a cosplay magazine! It's a fashion magazine! It's Elfy, a new magazine from DMM that marries the two. Filled with gorgeous professional cosplayers showing off their amazing creations, this is an amazing book that lets us all enjoy great costumes, kawaii models and amazing photography.

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